What is Earn?

Earn is the latest in Smartphone innovation with embedded proprietary software that maximizes earnings for our community of earners.


What will make the earn successful?

Earn success is relying on our community of earners to download as many apps and complete as many offer walls while enjoying the process.  This will insure higher payouts for all our earners as a pool.  


How do I Earn? 

Earn gives you points that turn into cash by simply engaging with offers that you call on your lock screen.  The more you engage with the offers, the more you Earn.


Do I have to interact with the offers to unlock my smartphone?

No.  Earn is non-intrusive and you only interact with offers whenever you choose. 


What type of offers can I engage with?

You can engage with the offers which may be the hottest games on the market different mobile apps, special deals or by completing special offers in the Offer Wall.

How do I get my cash?

You redeem points by simply adding your PayPal account to our secure Earn system.  There are no fees for the Earn users. 


What if I don’t have a PayPal account?

Now, a PayPal account is required to redeem points for cash.  Opening a PayPal account is free and easy.  Just follow the following link: www.paypal.com

How do points translate to cash?

You receive $1 USD for every 10,000 points. 


What if I live in outside the US?

All payments are made in US dollars.  PayPal will convert dollars to your local currency for all Earn users. (PayPal conversion fees may apply.)

How many points do I get per each offer that I complete?

The number of points fluctuates based on the total engagement of our Earn community of users. The more our community takes advantage of our offers, download apps, and complete offer walls. the more downloads and completions we have the higher the payouts will be.

How do we know how many points we get every day?

You can check the number of points you have received per ad by going into the Statements section located in the menu at the top-right corner of the Earn app or on the meter on your lock screen


How do I know the number of points that I earn instantly?

You can receive a notification instantly while receiving points.  Please make sure notifications are enabled for the Earn app.

Is Earn available in every country?

Yes, Earn is available all over the world.


What if I upgrade to a new Earn Smartphone, will I lose my points?

No.  You always keep you points.  You simply log in to the new Earn Smartphone using your same account. Also, remember that the account as well as the points earned from EARN are personal and non-transferable to another person or user.


Do Earn points expire?

No.  Your points never expire. 


Why do my points say that they are not redeemable?

There is a 30-day waiting period and a $10 minimum before you can redeem points. 


Why did I receive a warning email?

You will receive a warning email of suspicious activity if there are no download of any apps our system will flag you out. Please remember we want to payout as much as possible for our earners that’s why we need you to download as many apps and complete as many offer walls.


What is an offer wall?

Offer walls are a great way to earn large amounts of cash.  Offers can include downloading app, taking a survey, or making a purchase. 


Do I have to active my Earn account to use my smartphone?

No.  You can use your phone as you normally would.  However, you will not accrue points until after you activate your account.

Does my email information get sold to third parties by Earn?

Your email will never be sold to any third parties. 


How do I create an Earn account?

Creating an EARN account requires a valid email address.  You'll also need to create a password. Fill in your first and last name, phone number, preferred language, and location. You will need to enter your PayPal information to have a way to cash the money you have earned. (This can be added later) After you provide this info, you can start earning with earn.

How do I recover my password?

If you forget your password, visit the link below to reset. You'll need to enter your email address associated with you earn account.

You'll receive an email in a few minutes. This email includes a link to reset your password.

My password reset link isn't working

When you contact us via email, we will send the user a link to change their password

I can't sign into my account

If you can't sign into your account because you forgot your password, click on forgot password button on login.

If you're unable to sign into your account for any other reason, let us know via email.

Auto login does not work

When you login there is a checkbox click on the checkbox before login to enable auto login

How do I call videos?

Simply click on the icon on you lock screen. One click will turn on. Second click will turn it off when the icons spin it’s on when it’s not its off.

*If clicking on the icons doesn’t work let the phone go to sleep and wake it up

If that doesn’t work restart the phone may be the solution.

Point did not show when the offer ended

There might be delay with the application

*If points do not display persistently please restart the phone.

What should I do if I receive a white screen?

*When you receive a white screen, the best option will be to restart the phone

I completed an offer from offer wall and points did not show up

When this happens makes sure to check with the offer you selected to make sure you completed the offer and within the time allowed


Will offers pop up without me clicking for them?

No, our offer only shows based on request from the user


*to restart the app, go to settings >application> look for the earn app > click on force stop then restart the app from your app draw

**In the event you are unable to download the app please use google play Store

What drives us at CellAllure is creating products that makes the world a better place. Most phone companies know that cellphones are a necessity now days, our mission is to make communication affordable yet pleasant as we believe it shouldn’t be breaking the bank.

Earn with CellAllure is exactly that, a phone that gives back to people when engaging with great offers and deals that are to their interest, they can earn money in the most comfortable way without getting annoyed as usually offers and ads are.

Our commitment to you is to continue to innovate and make communication affordable yet pleasant.


Thank you for Earning with CellAllure.