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  • CellAllure Fashion 5.0" HD screen/ Dual SIM/ 4G (HPSD+) Factory Unlocked Android Smartphone/ 13MP Camera (Wireless Phone Accessory)
    This is a great phone!!! Everything I was looking for and cheap. Brought due to dual cam and Andriod IOS. Great system not cheap running like another phone I brought. Just so happy you dont even know!!!!!
    Hello Kitty Cannon
    Hello Kitty Cannon
  • CellAllure Miami 5.5 screen - OGS/ Octa-CORE/ 16GB Memory/ 4G (HPSD+) Factory Unlocked Android Smartphone / 13MP Camera (Wireless Phone)This phone does everything I want it to do. Easy to use, easy to program, the good memory so far, great pictures and easy to use the camera and even has an edit feature for the pictures on the phone. Response time is good on wifi and my network (T-mobile). The only thing I would like different is to be able to program a ring tone of my choosing instead of using one of their preprogrammed ringtones. I'd like to change that but can sue live with it for the rest of the phone's features at the price paid.

    M. Schubbe
    M. Schubbe
  • CellAllure Cool 5.5" screen- OGS/ Dual SIM/ 4G (HPSD+) Factory Unlocked Android Smartphone/ (Good Deal) (Wireless Phone Accessory)
    I absolutely love this phone. It's sleek, its fun and I just love it!!
    Terry Alston
    Terry Alston
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