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HALLANDALE, FL, July 22, 2015 – Customers and distributors of CellAllure mobile devices can now find our products on Target’s online store.

Target is a national department store that sells a number of different types of products, from electronics to clothing and even beauty supplies, at competitive bargain prices since 1962. Like many other national department stores, Target’s online store sells products you can’t find at the physical store. As of today, CellAllure smartphones will be one of those products.

“We want our customers to be able to shop at places they’re already comfortable in,” CellAllure CEO Eric Gavara said.

CellAllure is one of the fastest growing mobile phone manufacturers in the world. Our goal is to make high quality devices accessible to everyone, which coincides with showcasing our products on Target’s online store.

If you have any questions feel free to contact our Marketing and Public Relations Director Vanessa Martinas at [email protected] or at (305) 651-8644 Ext.225.

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