About CellAllure

Since 2009, CellAllure has established itself as a top-tier, international unlocked no-contract Android smartphone provider for retailers and distributors throughout the world; producing high quality, opportunistic, trend-setting technology at remarkable prices.

As a rapidly growing, reputable global brand, CellAllure is focused on delivering innovative smartphone products at highly competitive prices and affording unsurpassed value to consumers, while providing unique opportunities to retail customers.

“We Pride ourselves with providing a superior consumer experience with our innovative products and unmatched customer support & services. Whether you are a consumer, a retailer or a distributor, you know that you can count on CellAllure.”

– Eric Gavara, CEO


Witness and experience technology at its finest level through CellAllure. Stay ahead of the curve and take advantage of the market’s next biggest wave. At CellAllure we understand that your cellphone is more than just a product, but rather, an essential part of your lifestyle.

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